Ping IP Or Domain At My IP Address

My IP Address has come up with a tool that lets you Ping IP or a domain name absolutely free of cost and from anywhere. The ping command is normally used by computer users or system administrators to determine if the network they are connected to is alive or functioning. It is a system through which a message (data packet) is sent from the user computer to the main server, website host, email server, internet service provider or another computer on the same network and the message or data is returned back from the host to the user computer. This time is measured in milliseconds and it includes the time that the messages take to reach the host server and return to the data packet sender (source computer).

How To Ping IP At My IP Address

Normally on a computer that is connected to a network or a host server, we run the ‘cmd’ command, type ‘ping’ and then enter the IP of the host server or the system we want to test. The data packets are sent and returned and the time taken is displayed. Generally this process gives us the record of four data packets’ round trip from the user computer to the host and back. ‘A ping’ command associated with a ‘-t’ allows a user or a system administrator to continually send data packets and see the responses. This is run by professionals who need to ensure that there is no loss of data packets and that the connection is instantaneously active, that is, active at any given instant. Host servers can stay dormant at times and the continuous ping or the loop command helps one to determine if the host server is responding at all times.

To ping IP or a domain of a website at My IP Address, you can just enter the domain name or the IP address at the search bar and you would get instant results. It would normally display records for 10 data packets and the time taken by the data packets to reach the host and return to the source computer.

Why Use My IP Address To Ping IP Or Domain

In a normal computer while running the ping command you still need to enter commands and read through the results. At My IP Address you can simply type the IP address or the domain name and My IP Address would display a graph with 10 records at one glance. It is not only one of a kind service at My UP Address that is user friendly and hassle free but it also helps to save you time. Try to ping an IP through the conventional mode from the ‘Start’ button and then try to ping an IP or domain through the ‘search’ bar on My IP Address and you can see for yourself how easier and time saving the latter can be.

Why You Must Ping IP Or Domain

On many occasions we are absolutely clueless if a specific website is not functioning or if our internet connection is at fault. At times we really need to find out if a host server is functioning properly and also if the speed at which the data packets are getting responded is normal or below par. To know this information, the only way is to ping IP.

The results you get when you ping IP on My IP Address can help you to see technical details and maintain records should you be trying to evaluate the service of a website or check your internet service provider’s commitments. There are numerous usages of ping IP for system administrators and normal users as well and it cannot get better if you can ping any website domain or IP on My IP Address irrespective of the network or internet connection you are on.